September 10th 2014

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about these fast,
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Praise for the Tiny Essentials
series from American communications expert Tom Ahern’s ‘best books list’.



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The White Lion Press aims to produce books that readers will enjoy because we believe that if people are to benefit from our books they have to be readable. Our list may be small but it is growing. Our books will always be by the best authors, be the best designed, the best written, the most informative and the most entertaining.

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To celebrate the life of WLP author George Smith (1939-2012) the White Lion Press is offering all three of his books at a special discount, see the links below and special order form, here. You can review each of George’s books by following the links below.

Tiny Essentials of Writing for Fundraising | Asking Properly |
Up Smith Creek


Tiny Essentials of Donor Loyalty
by Professor Adrian Sargeant

We all want loyal donors and lots of them. But why? What benefits do really loyal donors bring? How do we find them, develop them and what will it cost? What are the pitfalls and how do we avoid those? How do we make the most of all opportunities, so that our donors stay supporting us for longer and get more out of it?

The single biggest challenge facing our sector today – building donor loyalty.
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Free Degrees by Lyndi Smith
If you think education is expensive, try fundraising for it. You could save a fortune.

Initial investment: £6.95. Potential return: up to £26,000.

Contrary to what many believe, education doesn’t have to come at a price. Anyone can raise the funds necessary to pay their way through academic life, without getting into debt.

So says former drama student Lyndi Smith. She should know; she raised over £26,000. In her new book Free Degrees Lyndi explains and illustrates what it takes to raise money to pay for education, start to finish. For just £6.95, what better investment could there be for yourself, or as a present for a son, daughter or anyone starting on the road to life?

Order your copy of Free Degrees now, only £6.95. Click on the cover opposite. For what the experts say, click here. To see a short video of Lyndi on the telly, click here.

The Field by the River by Ken Burnett
‘A simple walk in the woods becomes a year-long adventure packed with mysteries, insights and wonder, often all on the same page. Ken’s ‘Field’ will make you happy and, possibly, consider investing in rugged new footwear.’

Emma Thompson
Oscar-winning actress and screenwriter

‘Ken Burnett’s delicious storytelling makes Kerkelven come alive as he surprises, entertains and enchants us. I hope The Field by the River will establish the author as the modern successor to White and Thoreau. It has inspired me to take better note of the living riches that surround us when we are out walking.’
Indra Sinha
Author of Animal's People, short-listed for the 2007 Man Booker prize

‘In the world of news we’re surrounded with fast-moving stories of horror, destruction and pain. The Field by the River is an effective antidote, being gently comforting and mellow. Yet
you’ll also learn a lot of zoology, a bit of botany and a smattering of hydrology.’
Natalie Bennett
Editor, Guardian Weekly

‘I have a sneaking suspicion this could take off in A Year in Provence kind of way’
Tiffany Daneff
The Sunday Times

‘Beautifully observed and charmingly written, his book is a homage to nature, wildlife and the true wonders of the great outdoors.’
Destination France magazine.

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All eight TINYs now £59.60 plus p&p (RRP £79.60)Line
Just £9.95 (US$14.95) per copy plus P&P. Save £20.00 when you order all eight in the Tiny Essentials series. £59.60 plus P&P. See here. Contact Marie for special rates on all bulk orders.line











Up Smith Creek, George Smith’s brilliant collection of articles and essays from 30 years as agent provocateur for Direct Response and Professional Fundraising magazines, is available now. See full announcement, here. Click on the links to order.

Specially for students and parents

Ten FREE tips on paying your way through university – and how to raise funds for it.


Read the eight BIG ideas behind these eight
really small books, here

Tiny Essentials of Fundraising
Tiny Essentials of Writing for Fundraising
Tiny Essentials of an Effective Volunteer Board
Tiny Essentials of Major Gift Fundraising
Tiny Essentials of Raising Money from
Foundations and Trusts

Tiny Essentials of Monthly Committed Giving
Tiny Essentials of a Fundraising Strategy
Tiny Essentials of Donor Loyalty