‘Not many businesses would survive if they lost a third of new customers in their first year, yet this statistic is commonplace in our sector. To make matters worse, it refers only to our friends, people that have given at least two donations to a favoured charity.’

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Tiny Essentials of
Donor Loyalty

Professor Adrian Sargeant. The White Lion Press Limited.
Published 2010. £9.95+postage and packing
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Softback, 73 pages. ISBN 0-9553993-3-6.

In just 73 pages this little book tells you all you need to know about donor loyalty. All fundraisers want loyal donors and lots of them. But why? What benefits do really loyal donors bring? How do we find them, develop them and what will it cost? What are the pitfalls and how do we avoid those? How do we make the most of all opportunities, so that our donors stay supporting us for longer and get more out of it?

These and many other questions all crowd together when fundraisers seek to address what professor Adrian Sargeant describes as, ‘the single biggest challenge facing our sector today’ – building donor loyalty.

Luckily leading expert professor Sargeant has crammed into this tiny book all of the key essentials that fundraisers should consider if they would aspire to developing really loyal donors.

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‘This tiny book gives you practical, actionable tasks that will help you to assess your programme and improve your relationship with your donors.’

Marc A Pitman, FundraisingCoach.com, USA.

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‘Essential reading if you want to devise a robust retention strategy.’

Richard Turner, Director of Fundraising, ActionAid, UK.



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