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Storytelling can change the world
Campaigners seeking to make a real difference have the best stories in the world to tell and the best of reasons for telling them. This book shows you how to tell transformational stories really well.
  Relationship Fundraising:
A Donor-Based Approach to the Business of Raising Money,
The classic textbook that sets the agenda for fundraisers in the twenty-first century.
  The Zen of Fundraising
Entertaining and surprising: 89 nuggets of invaluable information interspersed with thought-provoking Zen sayings.
  Donors for Life: a practitioner’s guide to relatonship fundraising
How to do it consistently and well, in all its aspects, based on the hands-on experiences of two senior fundraising leaders.
  Up Smith Creek
Brilliantly funny and instructive: 80 of the best articles by George Smith from 30 years
as a columnist for Direct Response and Professional Fundraising magazines.
  Asking Properly: the Art of Creative Fundraising
The best book ever on creativity for fundraisers. Truly a classic, no fundraiser’s complete without George Smith’s essential if irreverent guidance on how to ask properly.

The essence of Campaigning Fundraising
in 52 exhibits and 199 web links.

All about how to do donor recruitment, retention and relationship development
in the new era of responsible fundraising. And why fundraising can be the best career ever.


  Tiny Essentials of an Effective Volunteer Board  

  Tiny - writing for fundraising     FFL   FBR  
Tiny Essentials of Fundraising
The seven key issues that really matter for fundraisers, presented in an entertaining format that takes less than an hour to read.
  Tiny Essentials of an Effective Volunteer Board
The proof that it is possible to raise your board from mediocrity to excellence.
  Tiny Essentials of Major Gift Fundraising
Discover all the stages of a major gift programme from the initial research – and how to go about it – through to donor cultivation and solicitation.
  Tiny Essentials of Writing for Fundraising
How to write well enough to persuade anyone of anything. This tiny book will change forever how you and your organisation communicate.
  Tiny Essentials of Raising Money from Foundations and Trusts
Just the essentials of fundraising from foundations explained in an easy, entertaining and highly accessible way.
  Friends for Life:
Relationship Fundraising in Practice
How it works, and how it can work in your organisation, with 16 illustrated case histories. NB P&P is FREE on this book
  The Field by the River
Meet the quirky, often scary residents of 2.4 hectares of French countryside in this entertaining tale of nature in the raw.
In hardback, paperback and Kindle.










Tiny Essentials
of a Fundraising Strategy.
Why a strategy matters, how to get one and, in easy steps, how to make sure that it works in your organisation.
  Tiny Essentials of Monthly Committed Giving
If you want to raise more money and lots of it from happy, engaged donors, then this the book for you. Shows a sure way to generate bequests too
  Tiny Essentials
of Donor Loyalty.
All you need to know to keep donors for longer and giving more. Plus, how to meet 'the biggest single challenge facing fundraisers today’.
  How to Produce Inspiring Annual Reports
Communicate effectively in words and pictures, so you get the best from your investment in everything you produce.
  Free Degrees
What it takes to raise all the money you need to pay for your education. A vital handbook to fund yourself through education, at a time when it’s less and less affordable.
  Retention Fundraising:
the New Art and Science of Keeping your Donors for Life

Roger Craver’s blockbuster shows fundraisers how to tackle their holy grail: donor retention.



Tiny - Fundraising
Friends for Life Tiny - Fundraising Tiny - writing for fundraising Friends for Life - video series Tiny major gift fundraising