The most important
skill for any would
-be influencer is
the ability to tell
a good story.

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Storytelling can
change the world

Ken Burnett. The White Lion Press Limited.
Published 2014. £19.95 (US$29.00) +postage and packing. Softback, 272 pages. ISBN ISBN: 978-0-9553993-5-0

Persuading others effortlessly, painlessly and willingly to do something that otherwise, most likely, they would not is the most valuable asset for anyone working in any number of professional and technical business areas.

We do that best by telling them stories. How to do transformational storytelling is explained here.

Why transformational storytelling works so well is not in doubt. Receptiveness to stories is hard-wired into our DNA. Stories engage us easily, draw us in naturally, excite our curiosity, pique our interests and lead us to the satisfying conclusion that we can do something now, to make a difference. So for any kind of aspiring communicator or influencer, storytelling is the one skill they need more than any other. If you seek to understand and access any human emotion, study stories.

In the modern world of massive information overload stories get through where wodges of bumph and formal reports, however filled with information, won’t. Endlessly versatile and satisfying, stories stick where whatever’s picked up from sitting through lessons and lectures quickly fades. Stories are how people learn.

Transformational stories have an extra dimension – the power to move people to action, to make a difference, to make change.

‘If you’re a member of any organization interested in ramping up fundraising efforts, let this book be your holy grail. Read it and then promptly pass it on to your board, your volunteers, and even your janitor to hammer home the importance of your stories. Once they
read this, they’ll get it. And then your team of storytellers can go
forth and be agents of change for your organization.’

Pamela Grow, The Grow Report

‘...Full of gems, this book renewed my zest and enthusiasm
to become not just a better writer and storyteller but a
transformational writer, a transformational storyteller,
who will go on to change the world.’

Mary Stringer, communications officer and writer

‘Only a few chapters in and I’m mesmerised... thanks tons (like
all the elephants in Africa tons) for writing this book.’

Shanon Doolittle, Seattle, USA.

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Storytelling cover

’Whether you work for business, government, or non-profit, your success depends on influencing others. And great storytelling is the secret. Burnett is a master storyteller, sharing hundreds of inspirational examples of how you can improve your skills in this crucial area. Storytelling can change the world will inspire and excite you as you learn to become a transformational storyteller.’

Harvey McKinnon, author, The Power of Giving

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