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Free Degrees

Lyndi Smith. The White Lion Press Limited.
Published 2009. £6.95 +postage and packing (see order form for details).
Softback, 96 pages. ISBN 978-0-9553993-1-2 .

Initial investment: £6.95.
Potential return on investment: up to £26,000

Where can you get value for money like this, these days?

Few things can be more dispiriting at the start of anyone’s career than the prospect of having to sacrifice large chunks from a slender first-job salary to repay debt accumulated from student days. Yet that’s the lot for many if not most graduates today. It’s a depressing prospect too for those school leavers contemplating the choice between higher education or immediate entry into the world of work.

Yet whatever the social background or parental resources of a would-be student, starting work in debt isn’t an inevitability. With a bit of character and determination plus an understanding of the options and how to tackle them, any potential undergraduate or postgraduate can raise all the funds necessary to sail through academic life, and emerge from the experience appropriately qualified and debt-free. This book shows you how.

For just £6.95, the cost of this book, self-taught fundraising expert Lyndi Smith shares with you all her secrets of raising money to pay for graduate and postgraduate education, start to finish.

As a present for a son, daughter, niece, nephew or friend just about to start on the road to life, what better investment could there be?