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Free Degrees

Lyndi Smith. The White Lion Press Limited.
Published 2009. £6.95 +postage and packing (see order form for details).
Softback, 96 pages. ISBN 978-0-9553993-1-2 .

‘…really useful… astute, entertaining and very, very helpful. It offers first-class advice… Lyndi Smith makes fundraising sound like having fun.’
Professor Susan Bassnett, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Warwick.

…a life saver for teenagers about to launch into higher education – and their cash-strapped parents. Lyndi, you could be saving  us thousands of pounds. Thank you.’
Jane Fricker, Parent.

‘…inspiring reading. I hope other prospective students take up your ideas to reduce the impact of student debt.’
Fraser Keir, Director of Access, The University of St Andrews.

‘A vital handbook in a financial climate where education feels less and less affordable… essential reading for any prospective student who has to take the funding of their education seriously.’
Professor Maggie Gale, Chair of Drama, University of Manchester, who supported herself financially through her postgraduate studies.

‘Can you outfox the system? Is there any way of funding yourself through drama school or whatever without incurring crippling debts (apart from getting yourself born into a family which can afford to support you)? Enter a forthcoming new book called Free Degrees by Lyndi Smith.

Her account of how she did it - and how other people might do it - is both inspirational and exhausting because you don’t single-handedly raise that sort of money without a great deal of hard work underpinned by admirable creative thinking. Lyndi Smith ... shows that it can be done. Her very practical book should be recommended reading for every sixth former or intending student.’
The Stage, April 2009.

Examples include: a press release, promotional leaflet, letter to a prospective sponsor, sponsorship form and a business letter. And there is a list of useful books as well as websites that provide information for students.

More reviews to follow, plus sample pages and links to Lyndi’s website.