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Tiny Essentials of Monthly Committed Giving

Harvey McKinnon, The White Lion Press Limited.
Published 2006. £9.95+postage and packing
(for discounts on bulk orders please see order form).
Softback, 70 pages. ISBN 10: 0-9553993-0-0, 13: 978-0-9553993-0-5

This Tiny book explains all you really need to know to justify, start, manage and benefit from monthly committed giving in your organisation. Monthly giving is perfect for fundraisers because donors love it. They find it easy, convenient and affordable. They can do lots of good just by giving a small amount regularly that they will scarcely miss. A good monthly giving proposition will attract donors and keep them giving month after month for many years to come.

Which explains why monthly giving is now viewed as the best, most cost-effective way of binding donors to a cause. The secrets of monthly committed giving are not rocket science. Neither are they complex, expensive, or difficult to implement. They don’t need huge amounts of management and large-scale staff resources. They don’t require complicated technology, or involve substantial risks.

Tiny Essentials of Monthly Committed Giving clearly describes the secrets of monthly giving, what they are and what they require.

Author Harvey McKinnon is a highly-rated speaker who regularly presents at conferences throughout Canada and internationally. He claims to know 14,735 jokes, but tells only one of them in this book. Nevertheless, it is funny as well as educational, usually on every page. In a very concise package it also brings you precisely what it promises on the cover.



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