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What the experts say about Tiny Essentials of Monthly Committed Giving

‘I read this Tiny book on the bus and made heads turn by laughing out loud several times. It is easy to read, easy to understand and will be easy to use since the 43 best ideas are summed up at the end. Veteran fundraiser Harvey McKinnon even gives you the answers to convince your mule of a boss that it is time to try monthly giving, now.’
Joan Flanagan, author, Successful Fundraising, USA.

‘This book strips out the mundane and technical to reveal the real passion and heart behind this important area of fundraising. It is a vital read for any fundraiser and should be part of the induction for any new fundraiser. In a few short words this book will reposition your fundraising and remind you why fundraising is the most wonderful profession. If you read nothing else, make the small commitment to this excellent book.’
Lindsay Boswell, chief executive, Institute of Fundraising, UK.

‘Harvey McKinnon's latest book is a kind of bedtime story for sleepless adults – those who run financially-strapped nonprofits. If you read it tonight, you'll sleep more peacefully. Tomorrow, you'll start raising more money.’
Andy Robinson, author, Big Gifts for Small Groups and Grassroots Grants, USA.

‘This tasty morsel is a wonderful way to deliver valuable information that people will remember. As it turns out, Harvey is a master at storytelling along with being the master of monthly giving.’
Mark Anderson, CEO, Greening Australia SA, Australia.

‘Everyone has time to read a tiny book and after you read this one, you'll be able to raise lots more money for your cause through setting up a monthly donor program. This is one of the best uses of an hour that I can think of.’

Rosemary Oliver, development director, Amnesty International, Canada.

‘This tiny guide has given philanthropy a huge gift. McKinnon's entertaining style whilst sharing his formidable fundraising skills is in
itself an act of selfless generosity.’

Lelei LeLaulu, president, Counterpart International; chairman, Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific, USA.