‘This book is a magic porridge pot – you can’t believe something so small can contain so much good stuff!’

Charlotte Grimshaw,
writing about
TINY Essentials of
Major Gift Fundraising
Charlotte’s full review is here.

‘An entertaining, informative and thoroughly enjoyable read so you’ll probably want to keep a copy by your bedside, as well as on your desk.’

The Directory of
Social Change, commenting on TINY Essentials of Raising Money from Foundations and Trusts.

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Eight BIG ideas behind these really small books.

Cover only the most important subjects • in just the right detail • nothing but stuff fundraisers really need • offer easy to follow tips and action points • make it a good, memorable, entertaining, informative read • great value for money • just enough essentials to do the job • make them the perfect gift for the fundraiser(s) in your life.


‘This admittedly opinionated little book is a dose of strong medicine. George Smith sees trouble ahead as copycat fundraising becomes the weary norm... Smith shares his best creative secrets in these pages.’

Tom Ahern, describing
TINY Essentials of
Writing for Fundraising

‘The book is actually a narrative of the search by a newly appointed board chairman for the keys to effective boards. He sets out to interview the CEOs and Board Chairs of other nonprofits in the hope of insight.’

Read Joanne Fritz of About.com’s review here, to see if she thinks that TINY Essentials of an Effective Volunteer Board succeeded, or not.