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How to Produce Inspiring Annual Reports
A Guide for Voluntary, Arts and Campaigning Organisations

Ken Burnett and Karin Weatherup. Directory of Social Change in association with Burnett Works Limited. Published 2000. £14.50+postage and packing. Softback, 96pp. ISBN 1-900360-65-9

First published as Charity Annual Reports in 1987 and dramatically revised in 2000, How to Produce Inspiring Annual Reports, in full colour throughout, is for people who want to produce readable, informative and inspirational publications and electronic communications for their organisation. The emphasis is as much on why annual reports and, indeed, any means of communication, are produced in a particular way as on how to do it. Because there’s little point talking if nobody’s listening, as much weight is given to what readers are prepared to read as to what organisations wish to say. It offers annual report readers’ comments, explains how to avoid common mistakes and presents simple straightforward ways of producing accessible and compelling communications.

Whatever your area of activity, How to Produce Inspiring Annual Reports shows you how to produce publications that get read and get results.

This book is now out of print.

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