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What the experts say about Tiny Essentials of an Effective Volunteer Board

‘This energising, readable book draws out what’s really important, the true “tiny essentials”. The 21 keys summarised in chapter three are the cream on the cake…’
Noerine Kaleeba, chair of trustees, ActionAid International, South Africa.

‘Entertaining and paced like a thriller novel… how to avoid the perils and pitfalls of nonprofit governance to find the undoubted treasure that is an effective volunteer board.’
Salil Shetty, director, United Nations Millennium Development Goals Campaign, USA.

‘This tiny book is a huge contribution to the literature on governing boards. Told as a compelling story, the insights and experience-based facts are woven skilfully throughout. A delight to read, the lessons fly off the page.’
Kay Sprinkel Grace, author, Beyond Fundraising and The Ultimate Board Member’s Book, USA.

‘A clever, informative and entertaining addition to the literature.’
David Carrington, chair of trustees, Engage – The National Association for Gallery Education, UK.

‘This book is completely relevant and the British tone is what, for me, made it so readable. It is like a grand mystery in the Agatha Christie tradition… I loved the language as much as the content. It’s a hit!’
Jennie Thompson, consultant, USA.

‘Burnett is British and his little book is written with the elan of the wonderful British imports we see on public television such as Mystery and Masterpiece Theater.’
Joanne Fritz on, USA. See her review here.