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What the experts say about The Zen of Fundraising

‘Ken Burnett knows what donors want and how fundraisers can provide it. The Zen of Fundraising illustrates simple yet hard-earned lessons through which fundraisers can engage their donors as real partners, raising more money than ever. But to succeed, fundraisers need to aspire to greater levels of communication and donor engagement. This book shows us how.’
Chuck Longfield, founder and CEO, Target Software Inc, USA.

‘The refreshingly brief principles provide inspiration and learning to anyone striving for exceptional fundraising practice.’
Nicci Dent, director of fundraising, Médecins sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders, Australia.

‘A gentle blend of humour, personal experiences and practical examples (but underpinned by pure steel); this book makes the most compelling case yet for thinking seriously about donor relationships.’
Adrian Sargeant, professor of nonproft marketing and fundraising, Bristol Business School, UK and adjunct professor of philanthropy, Indiana University Center on Philanthropy, USA.

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