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Reviews of Tiny Essentials of Fundraising

In Professional Fundraising magazine, Robert Sywolski, chief executive, Blackbaud Inc, USA said

‘Fundraising consultant Neil Sloggie has provided the world of fundraising with a new classic. Called Tiny Essentials of Fundraising, Sloggie’s new primer…very simply captures the critical success factors in raising money to support a nonprofit’s mission…

‘I was given a copy of the Tiny book in Australia and was so enamoured of the clear message it conveys that I ordered a special edition to give to more than 1,500 fundraisers and all 700 Blackbaud employees. Their reactions have been universally positive. Tiny Essentials of Fundraising is one of those books that make us truly envious of the author for executing such a brilliant piece of writing…

‘…In any profession, success is based on mastering the fundamentals. In his book, Sloggie has clearly captured the fundamentals that drive fundraising success… he also achieves a positive tone that allows him to remind us of those ABCs without making us feel stupid for having gotten off track. If you haven’t read the Tiny book yet, I urge you to get a copy today.’


And on the website of the Fundraising Institute of Australia, Janine Jackson said

‘Tiny Essentials of Fundraising was a great read! Every fundraiser should read it, whether they are new to the industry or not. For those new to fundraising it explains the essentials of fundraising in a non-confronting manner and explains what to focus your energy on.

‘For those who have been in fundraising for a while, this book reminds you not to waste time on the many distractions that continually appear. To refocus your energy on the best return on investment. This sounds obvious but keeping focused at times is difficult as fundraisers are generally under-resourced, have to wear many hats and tend to get distracted from the basics. This book contains no lengthy theories or hard to understand jargon. It is, as the title states, a tiny book containing the essentials of fundraising. Personally, it gave me a gentle reminder to focus on what is important rather than urgent.’