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Breakthrough Thinking for Nonprofit Organizations

Bernard Ross and Clare Segal. Jossey-Bass Inc. Published 2002.
£19.50+postage and packing. Hardback, 288pp.
ISBN 0-7879-5569-8

This groundbreaking book will help nonprofit managers think in new and creative ways about how they define and meet the challenges they face – and how to rise above standard practices to lift their organisations to greater performance levels.

Using examples of best practices from innovative organisations in both the corporate and nonprofit worlds, Breakthrough Thinking for Nonprofit Organizations offers a mix of how-to advice and case studies that will guide readers on a new road to creativity. Because methods and approaches differ depending on individuals and organisations, the book is structured so that readers can pick and choose the specific tools or techniques that work best for their own situations. The authors show how to set breakthrough goals, identify sources of creativity, overcome creativity-killing mindsets, turn creativity into innovation and sustain a high-performance culture. This book will fundamentally change the way nonprofit professionals think about how they do their work – and usher in a new era for nonprofits.

Breakthrough Thinking offers an ‘ideas toolbox’ for people who want to achieve significant and inventive change in their organisations whether in fundraising, service delivery, or overall performance.