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Review of Breakthrough Thinking for Nonprofit Organizations

In Professional Fundraising magazine, Sue Douthwaite, senior research fellow, Cass Business School, UK, wrote

‘This book is, in the authors’ words, a ‘work in progress’ providing a ‘toolbox of ideas’ allowing the reader to use all the tools or just those to meet a specific need. It is not a question of reading from the beginning to the end but, refreshingly, the reader is encouraged to dip into whichever chapter meets his or her area of interest or deals with a particular issue.

‘While this book could be used by anyone in a managerial position, I believe it has a real message for fundraisers presenting new ideas and thoughts for developing successful strategies. Each chapter has practical and real examples of the problems or issues faced by organisations and the results of actions taken. These demonstrate clearly how a different way of thinking can help resolve some of the problems readers may have encountered or be experiencing.

‘One chapter particularly heartens me, chapter 10, which includes a wonderful section on ‘celebrating failure’. Risk plays a part in moving an organisation through change…or seeking ways of increasing income and as such can lead to failure, however carefully planned or good the overall strategy may be. It is great to see examples of how ‘failures’ can prove to be a learning process for all and a platform for success in the future…

‘The book shows how our personal approach to risk, creativity and innovation plays a major part in the way we work and develop strategies. There are examples illustrating how our own thoughts can move along a more lateral line…to become innovative and creative which in turn will be reflected in our own strategies…

‘… It will stimulate debate and encourage a review of our approach to management and in particular fundraising and, I believe, lives up to its subtitle Creative Strategies for Extraordinary Results.’