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What the experts say about Tiny Essentials of Raising Money from Foundations and Trusts

‘This book brings clarity to a world that is often apparently obscure and will help anyone understand the steps that need to be taken when approaching others for money. Written clearly and simply it will be invaluable both to the novice and to experienced old hands who think they really understand their target market. It is definitely essential reading.’
Julia Unwin, consultant and author, The Grant-Making Tango, UK.

‘This is an encyclopaedia on fundraising from trusts and foundations packed into 67 pages. Jo Habib covers everything a new fundraiser will need to know, with admirable thoroughness and authority. Experienced fundraisers should also refer to this splendid guide, using it as a check list against which to review their own practice.’
David Carrington, consultant, UK.

‘This is an excellent primer for anyone who wants to approach foundations for funding. It’s clear and easy to follow, as well as full of wisdom and practical suggestions for approaching and maintaining foundation relationships. This will help you make the right approach, to the right foundations, to support your work.’
Lynn Douglas, vice president community programs, Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, Canada.

‘It is so refreshing to get a how-to manual on fundraising from foundations that quotes Hamlet rather than Bill Gates. It’s a good book too.’
Joan Flanagan, author, Successful Fundraising, USA.

‘This is an excellent book. Accessible and sophisticated, it is filled with smart and incisive insights on how charities can make successful inroads with foundation funders. Don't let its brevity fool you, this book is built on a deep understanding of charities, institutional philanthropy and fundraising relationship building. This is a rich treasure trove for neophyte or experienced fundraisers wherever foundations are found.’
Tim Draimin, executive director, Tides Canada Foundation, Canada.

‘This mini book on foundations is irresistibly informative. It’s charitable foundations 101 with an attitude, I can certainly use it.’
Maria Luisa Chea, director, International Kids Fund, Jackson Memorial Foundation, USA.