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What the experts say about about Friends for Life

Friends for Life is a witty, readable tour of donor-think from both sides of the Atlantic and brings together a unique collection of experiences and anecdotes from many world-class fundraisers. Relationship Fundraising is already a classic throughout the world and this sequel is sure to have a similar impact.’
Jennie Thompson, consultant and co-founder of Craver, Mathews, Smith and Company, USA.

‘The Botton Village case history is riveting. This is what direct marketing should always be, but so seldom is.’
Graeme McCorkell, author and consultant, UK.

‘If like me and thousands of fundraisers around the world you thought Relationship Fundraising heralded a greater understanding of what fundraising is all about, be prepared. Unlike most sequels, Friends for Life is better.’
Stephen Lee, former director, The Institute of Fundraising, UK.