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Friends for Life video series

The White Lion Press Limited/Harvey McKinnon Productions. Video one, 56 minutes, £10.00.
Video two, 56 minutes, £10.00.
Both videos £16.00


Filmed during Ken Burnett’s first seminar in Vancouver, Canada in 1996 and hosted by renowned Canadian fundraiser Harvey McKinnon.

Video one: episodes 1-3

• ‘The challenge of relationship fundraising’ shows how to convert new, one-time donors into regular, committed supporters of your organisation.

• In ‘world-class donor service’, you’ll learn what to do to keep your donors loyal to your cause.

• ‘Getting ahead of your competition’ demonstrates how to create a successful donor development strategy. Find out how your donors are changing and what it means to your income.

Video two: episodes 4-6

• ‘Botton Village’ is a classic example of relationship fundraising in practice. Ken Burnett tells how it grew from no private income to raising millions.

• ‘How you can profit from a donor’s will’ explains how to secure the ‘ultimate gift’ – a bequest, or legacy.

• ‘Four highly successful programmes’ studies highly successful fundraising initiatives taken by Greenpeace, The National Trust (UK), Feed the Children Europe and the National Canine Defence League (UK).